Saturday, 25 June 2016



So, I released my debut album Metamorphica. You can buy it on Bandcamp, then come back and read this! I thought I'd take you all through the inspirations, processes and little tid bits, track by track. It's going to get dark. It's going to get personal. Without further ado, here we go!

1. Metamorphica
Let's talk about where Metamorphica comes from. When I first started creating the concept of the album, I had just written an epic song called 'Kcor Stel', based off a line The Man From Another Place from Twin Peaks says. Unfortunately it never came to fruition, but the idea stuck. From there I went on this strange Mind Path that led me to mountains and rocks and earth. I began researching crystals and stones and tectonics (shout out to Brendan Maclean who's just released his own EP), and knew the record would be a personal one. Eventually settled on Metamorphic rock, which are rocks that form under high pressure. And so this song was born: something vulcanous and rumbly and dark and electronic.

2. Neptune
Neptune began around the beginning of 2015 (which is where a lot of this album is based). I was dealing with a lot of things happening (we'll come to those later), and was feeling... disassociated. I've forever felt slightly distant and alien and ostracised. When you begin to notice people treating you differently every day for being introverted, overly shy or just plain weird, it takes its toll. With the sound of this piece, I wanted it to sound like radios or like Morse code trying to contact each other through space. Ruby definitely helped in every way to get what I was trying to achieve. Neptune was totally inspired by Philip Glass, especially The Hours soundtrack.

3. Üht

Comes from an Old English word meaning the restless grey time before dawn. Now, #sexual abuse and rape tw. 
This piece was angry. Again, around the beginning of 2015 I was raped. I didn't know what to do. I felt displaced. Furious. With myself and with him. This was what came out of those initial motions. It's an improvisation first on the C whole scale, then on G whole tone, and the name comes from the time that it happened. Told you it would get dark!

4. Brodyr
This one was inspired by a section of the Welsh mythology Mabinogion. It tells of a king who must have his feet by a virgin at all times unless at war. His nephews Gilfaethwy and Gwydion fall for this foot holder, so they steal magical pigs from the neighbouring kingdom so the king goes off to war. While he is there, the two brothers take advantage of the foot holder. When the king gets back, he finds out what has happened and turns the brothers into a pair of deer, pigs, and wolves for a year each, and each year they must mate and produce an offspring. This is represented by 3 key changes, plus an outro of Uncertainty.

5. Polarity
Polarity is another improvised piece. Inspired by Bartók and Stravinsky, the song represents my childhood, with child-like melodies and slamming bass parts for the domestic violence and alcoholism I grew up surrounded by.

6. Bachelor
Bachelor came out of my realisation and comfortability with being alone. In a way it's a companion to Neptune, which was about isolation in a negative way. This song is also a musical reply to Björk's Bachelorette, which talks of being made out a 'fountain of blood', and this is my reply asking her to come have a cup of tea with me and we'll try and talk things out. 
and so we begin the transition

7. Safe Space
Like Kate Bush's Hounds Of Love album, I wanted Metamorphica to have an A and B side feel, with the B side being more acoustic and positive. Safe Space was one of the first pieces I've ever written with an intent pre-purposed. I sat down wanting to create a soft waltz that's about the way I want to present my music. I want to create a safe space for queers, POC, the weirdos, and have a place to explore with them. Also considering the events that have surrounded the release of the album, Safe Space also has an unofficial dedication to the victims of the Orlando Pulse shooting.

8. Let Him In
Let Him In is a musical accompaniment to Üht. It's a testament to self love and learning to be yourself again. I even made my first ever music film clip to this song. It's also the first song I've written specifically for accordion. An improvisation on E.

9. Heart In Our Homeland
This piece is the oldest of the bunch: 4 years old! I wrote it while still trying to figure out where I belonged after I had just moved to Melbourne the year before. A little jolly ditty for you (and of course the title is based off a Patrick Wolf song)

10. Two Houses
Two Houses is an extension of my old piece Monday Morning, but instead renewed and about state of minds

11. Look Up
This song is the newest of the lot. I was going to end the album on a positive note, but instead wanted a circular ending (where it ends on the same key and instruments as the first song). Look Up is about being true, and it doesn't always have to be positive. I was lying to myself for years about have a positive outlook (hence the 'you wear shiny objects on your chest' sample of The Log Lady from Twin Peaks), but realised that a lot of my thoughts are inherently pessimistic, and that's ok. It's what you to do with it that counts.


And that's Metamorphica! I hope you like the album. If you do, go buy it off Bandcamp. It would mean a lot.
The album was mixed, engineered and mastered by Andrew Markwell. All album art by Bodie Strain.

Thursday, 31 December 2015


So it's 2016 huh?

My 2015 was a rising graph. I started it at the bottom and worked my way up. Here's why.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015


I figured that I'd try and write about my mental illnesses and set the record straight, as people have been worried and such.

So, I had a really shitty childhood+adolescence+young adulthood. That's fine. I've come to closure with most of the things that have happened. Unfortunately though, these events left me with deep psychological scarring and chronic anxiety. This means that I have to negotiate through the world a little differently and a little cautiously.
I also have Asperger's Syndrome, which means that I'm irreversibly shy and have trouble with communication and social things.

In the years of having to deal with the constant depression, introversion, and negative feelings, I've built up ways to deal and to continue living. One of these is building walls as thick as steel to not let those feelings out.

It's been so difficult living a life where my default state is negative

Sunday, 4 January 2015

A Year, A Show, A Song & A Plan

Another year has gone...
Without getting into too much sentiment, of course it's been a helluva year. I've performed more shows that I ever have before. I've learnt lessons in love, in my career, in life.
I'm still transforming to who I truly am. It's forever a journey.

But let's journey over the last few months, shall we?

Firstly, I was photographed by Mark Witte. I was attempting to go for Victorian occult/forlorn realness. Not sure how it turned out. It was my first ever shoot, after all.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Arranging Bjork, Events, Show Announcements & Some Queer Culture

Of course it's been months and I haven't written... where were we? This is going to be a long one... But stick in there, for it'll be a good one...

Ah yes.... Fringe Festival.....

Fringe Festival went amazingly. The Ninth Wave was a success (even though my body decided to get sick the day before), and it was fantastic being part of a huge musical team.

(with the lovely Plum Green. Photo by Plum)

Monday, 25 August 2014

New Video, Fringe Festival, & September

It's that time again

The wicked never sleep, and I have been oh so wicked lately

Let's crack on shall we?

From The Depths was amazing... It was the first time in a long time that I was about to just sit down and play for aaaages. Of course I was nervous as hell as sweated everywhere; but everyone said they didn't notice, so I'm not noticing either. (A first in being positive? Who knows)

But I was excited to get back in the reigns again. There will be more in the future, I promise. As I said at the show I have something solo lined up in December at the Abbotsford Convent. More details later.

For now, though, the show was filmed! Which means I can introduce you to my first live video ever:
'To A Boy'- filmed by Guy Jukes

Monday, 28 July 2014

Accordion Shanties, Shows, The Garden & From The Depths


This month has been inSANE. But in a good way, I assure you. Let's start, shall we?

First off (on top of rehearsals for a production, which will come later), I performed at the GH for Minus 18's dance event 'UNDER THE SEA'. It was super dooper fun dressing up like a drowned sailor and playing shanties on the accordion. (Everyone also went crazy over my cover of the Game Of Thrones theme)